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Financial Year 2014-15

1 INR 2,300,000 (Actuals) 0out of 4
Total Number of Companies that have Spent on CSR Total CSR Expenditure by Companies No. of Districts where CSR Projects/Program's Undertaken by Companies
S.No. Company Name Amount Spent
(INR Lakh)
1Power Grid Corporation Of India Limited23.00
S.No. Development Sector Amount Spent
(INR Lakh)
1Rural Development Projects23.00
Development Sectors Amount (INR Lakh)
1Rural Development23.00
    Rural Development Projects23.00
Grand Total (INR Lakh) 23.00
S.No. Districts Amount Spent(INR Lakh)
1NEC/ Not mentioned23.00
Grand Total 23.00

Total Amount Spent